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Dropping Everything

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I was recently told by the rhuemy he believes I have a mild case of lupus and posssibly FM, I also have many, many spine issues, he has started me on plaquenil though which is to soon to tell if it's working.

I seem to drop everything I pick up and have trouble picking up many things, I have even tried to stop using cash as I can't seem to handle it at all with out completly fumbling it.

I was windering if those of you that know you do have lupus find this to be a problem or if it may be connected to one of my spine issues.

I'll probably drive you all batty with my questions, I'd much rather get info from people then just statisics on amny of the web sites.

Thanks for any help, I usually post on back problems and pain mangement some and know that this is a very informative, supportive bunch and hope I can contribute to you all also.


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    • Dear Linda,

      I used to drop things when flaring & when I had tingling up & down my arms.

      I don't know whether this was due to lupus or to being anemic. Right prior to Dx, I'd become anemic; and there was an interesting footnote citing the chance of "unexplained neuropsychiatric symptoms".

      After starting Plaquenil, the tingling cleared up quickly for me. Alas, I still have clumsy days. Brain fog doesn't help, either. :D

      Has your rheumie expressed his opinion? And your spine specialist (orthopedist?)

      Anyway, wishing you improvement & better days to come. Best wishes, from Vee

      #1; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 17:42:00 GMT